Photograph by David Kunzle
Los Ninos son el jardin de la revolucion
Children are the garden of the revolution.
Children of varying complexions point to maps of Nicaragua and the world. The girl to the right with the yellow shirt holds up a "Declaration of solidarity." Others start building blocks whose corners coincide with the corner of the building. They are marked Hope, Friendship, Joy,. Unity, Dignity, Justice, Love, and Sovereignty.

According to the inscription, this mural was "Painted by North American artists in solidarity iwth the people of Nicaragua, Miranda Bergman, Marilyn Lindstrom, with the help of the Ministry of Culture, Association of Sandinista Children, Children's Library Luis Alfonso Velasquez Flores, School of Plastic Arts, " followed by fifteen names.

Painted December 1983-January 1984 on five wall faces.
By July of 1990, the name of Luis Alfonso Velasquez was partially scratched out, as also the eyes of the children on the seesaw. The entire mural (with the exception of the credit list) was obliterated December 28, 1992.

Donated by Austrian solidary group for the Luis Alfonso Velasquez Park, Children's Library, on Plaza Centro America Monsenor Romero

3 x 22m