Physical Context

Billboard for Levi's   Los Niños son el jardin de la revolución
(Children are the garden of the revolution)

To better understand what murals are, we will start by looking at what they aren't. Nicaraguan murals certainly aren't American billboards. Let's make comparisons to find out why.
You can compare your ideas with ours by clicking on the eye
on the bottom left.

How is the physical context different for this mural than it is for the billboard?

Use the questions below to help find the physical context.
  • What does it mean for a mural to be outside?
  • Who can view it?
  • What if it was inside of a museum? Then, who could view it?
  • Who sees it if it is on the walls of a Children's Library?
  • What difference does painting the mural at a child's eye level make for the child looking at it? How is that different than a billboard that you can't walk up to and touch?
  • How would the mural appear differently for a child?
The mural above was painted onto the walls of the Children's Library in Luis Alfonso Velaquez Park, in Managua, Nicaragua.
Activity 1: Change the Context
Change the context yourself and see what difference it makes

Activity 2: Hidden Context
Find the context behind these murals.
Compare your ideas to ours after discussing them with your partner.



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