Scale: What difference does scale make?
First, compare the scale of the mural to the scale of the painting by dragging the person below. If this child is
100 cm tall, how does he relate to the mural that is 300 centimeters tall and 22 meters wide? or to the painting that is only 73 centimeters tall and 93 centimeters wide? Drag the person below to compare.
Los Niños son el jardin de la revolución
(Children are the garden of the revolution)

3m x22m
Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh
73 x 92 cm.
Next, Look at scale the scale of a massive mural through clicking on the thumbnail image below. After it opens in a new window, use your scrollbars to explore. Compare the real people in the photograph to the people depicted in the the mural behind them.

(Image is 573 K. It may take a minute or so to download)

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