Mural Venture

Los niños son el jardín de la revolución
(Children are the fruit of the revolution)

Welcome to Expression's mural venture! In this activity, you will be handed a toolbox to build a framework for understanding Nicaraguan mural art. Your tools include: a visual tour of Nicaraguan murals, discussion questions, interactive games, and a glossary of key terms. Select your tool of choice!

1. Begin your venture by taking a visual tour of hundreds of real-life murals found in Nicaragua today!

2. Food for Thought: How is your perception of a mural influenced by the context in which it is displayed? Draw your own conclusions by reflecting on our discussion questions or exploring our many mural contexts:

Physical context
Political context
Social context
Historical context
Hidden context
Change the context

3. Interactive Games: How do visual elements such as color, scale, shape and light affect how you view a mural? See for yourself! Play one of our interactives games:


4. Consult our glossary for an explanation of key terms.