ASEE’s Breakfast Chat: A Discussion with Prof. Sheri Sheppard on Oct 6th at 9:30am


We will be kicking off the new academic year with a fabulous talk and discussion led by Sheri Sheppard! Please join us on October 6th, 9:30-10:30am in the (Building 550), Studio 2.* If you plan to attend, please make sure to respond to the RSVP survey. Sheri will be presenting work conducted during one of her recent classes. In her words:

In this talk I will describe on-going research done in live classrooms.  More specifically I will focus on a pilot study run by Dr. Mark Schar in my classroom in the fall of 2016 to explore the concept of classroom belonging. The premise of Mark’s research was that grade performance is, in part, determined by a student’s sense of belonging in a classroom. Further, “classroom belonging” is a function of several factors including social belonging, engineering self efficacy, engineering identity and closeness to others in the classroom. This study revealed that a student’s sense of classroom belonging has a significant, positive impact on grade performance. The most important components of classroom belonging are the student’s sense of social belonging in the classroom and their engineering identity. The survey-based quantitative data were complemented with qualitative interviews with underrepresented minority engineering students. These allowed us to explore their classroom belonging experiences and showed that classroom belonging is a familiar concept and a function of two separate sources of belonging: academic belonging and social belonging.  Implications of Mark’s findings for course design are discussed.  Comments are also included on research conducted in “live classrooms.””

*Note: Studio 2 is on the upper floor of the Take the staircase near the van, which terminates near Studio 2’s door.


ASEE will be at the New Graduate Student Orientation Fair. Come drop by to learn what we do and how to get involved.

When: September 22 2017 12-2pm.

Where: Canfield Courtyard (in front of the Law School).