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ASES stands for Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society.
We are a student organization with over 10 international branches, in places like China, India, Taiwan, and more.



VC3 brings together founders with ideas and firms with capital in an invaluable "speed-dating" event.

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ASES Summit

Summit brings together Stanford students and international entrepreneurs in a unforgettable week of keynote speakers, workshops, and friendship.

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ASES Innovation Academy

IA was created to cultivate rising young entrepreneurs who are still in high school, but are hungry and creative.

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About Us

Learn more about who we are.

About ASES

ASES was founded in 1999 at Stanford University by a group of friends who saw opportunity in a growing Asia-Pacific market and wanted to create an international entrepreneur network dedicated to solving the problems of the world.

Today, ASES still consists of a group of closely-knit individuals, seeking to work together on emerging problems in the Asia-Pacific sector. More than anything, ASES has become a community for passionate and talented students.

  • ASES has introduced me to brilliant, likeminded people from around the world that I would have never been able to meet. I've learned from them and developed long-lasting relationships, which together, will carry me into the future.

    Andrew Khor, ASES Stanford International Director

  • The reason I chose to participate in this international summit was not only to learn from the distinguished successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, but also to get engaged with other international delegates which brought me the sense of home during the summit.

    Chanvibol Kim, 2013 Summit Delegate


Here are a few recent updates about what we're up to.

ASES Summer Sessions Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd

This Thursday, July 24th, ASES members will be hosting Google Hangout AMAs for incoming freshmen. Feel free to drop by from 7:00PM to 8:00PM (PST) to chat with us about Stanford, ASES, or anything you can think of!

ASES Summer Sessions, Part 2 Posted on Tuesday, August 12th

This Thursday, August 14th, ASES members will be hosting another Google Hangout. Feel free to drop by from 7:00PM to 8:00PM (PST) to chat with us!!

Our Team

These are the people who will lead ASES during the 2014-2015 school year.

David Jiang President

David, a California native, is a Junior majoring in Computer Science. In his free time, he likes to sing in his a cappella group and play pickup basketball with friends.

Calvin Ling Vice-President and Summit Director

Calvin was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He is currently a Junior majoring in Management Science and Engineering. He is a big fan of cars and traveling.

Emily Xie Intern Director

Emily is a Sophomore at Stanford studying Computer Science. This year, she is in charge of the incoming ASES intern class.

Quentin Perrot Summit Director and Strategy Director

Quentin is a Junior at Stanford studying Symbolic Systems. He is an international traveler, as well as a huge fan of soccer (football).

Blair Seiler VC3 Director

Blair is a Junior at Stanford University. This year, she is VC3.

Friend Chai Community Director

Friend is a Junior at Stanford studying International Relations. She is in charge of planning ASES social events and making sure that ASES members feel close and comfortable.

Jonathan Yan Bootcamp Director and Strategy Director

Jonathan is a Junior at Stanford studying Computer Science and product design. He enjoys working with and learning from other people to solve problems. Bike making and film photography are his latest obsessions

Andrew Khor International Director

Andrew is a Junior at Stanford studying Computer Science. He joined ASES as a freshman because of his interest in entrepreneurship and desire to learn more about the Asia-Pacific Region.

Allen Yu VC3 and Operations Director

Allen is a Junior majoring in CS.

Tommy Fang Intern and Alumni Director

Tommy is a Junior majoring in CS. His favorite pastimes include being a scrub and leading YLP.

Alina Luk VC3

Alina is a Junior at Stanford. This year, she is leading VC3 as one of its directors.

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