The Search for other Earths

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Geoff Marcy is Professor of Astronomy at UC Berkeley, and Co-Investigator on the Kepler Team, which had by February of 2012 61 exoplanet discoveries confirmed and 2312 candidates (double the number from the previous year.) These include planets around binary stars, and a wide variety of systems with as many as 6 exoplanets and ranging in size from gas giants many times more massive than our own Jupiter to rocky planets smaller than our own Earth. On April 4th, 2012 the Kepler mission was extended through 2016, so download the Kepler Explorer App for iPhone/iPad to keep up with discoveries in the coming years.

Every year Professor Marcy brings new discoveries to his lectures and you can view video from previous years on theHumbiomovies Channel, Stanford YouTube, and Stanford on iTunes. Also listen on Stanford iTunes to Greg Laughlin’s talk on Extrasolar Planets from 2008. With Arbesman Laughlin has tried to predict how soon an Earth-like exoplanet will be found by extrapolating the rate of discovery so far in the search for habitable exoplanets. See the New Scientist, September 21

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