Autism and Developmental Disorders Research Program

Autism Research at Stanford

The focus of ADDRP is on research investigations involving individuals with autism and developmental disorders with the goal of improving the quality of life of these individuals by developing effective treatment strategies.

Research methods range from clinical trials, behavioral analysis, and basic science methods.

Research Objectives

Our research aims at clarifying the neurobiologic underpinnings of autism and other developmental disorders. In addition, some of our work focuses on furthering our understanding of environmental and genetic factors that could be contributing to the onset and progression of symptoms. We also conduct a variety of clinical trials and studies of behavioral therapies in the hopes of identifying social, behavioral, and biological interventions that will be effective in the treatment of the core features of these disorders.

  • Examining the contribution of genetic factors to the development of autism and developmental disorders
  • Understanding the role of environmental factors in these disorders
  • Exploring possible roles for neurobiologic signalling molecules
  • Identifying safe and effective interventions
  • Imaging brain structures to understand neural correlates of behavior


The Stanford Autism and Developmental Disorders Research Program would like to thank the children, as well as their parents and families, for contributing to research. The joint effort to better understand and provide therapies for developmental disorders is not possible without their past and continued involvement.

Stanford ADDRP would also like to ackowledge financial support from the following organizations: