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Below is a list of links to stories about ADDRP and its collaborators in the news

Low levels of hormone linked to social deficit in autism - 7/22/2015, Stanford Medicine News Center

Group classes teach parents effective autism therapy, study finds - 10/27/2014, Stanford Medicine News Center

Blood-oxytocin levels in normal range in children with autism, study finds - 8/4/2014, Stanford Medicine News Center

Stanford drug trial seeks participants with autism spectrum disorder - 11/14/2013, Stanford Medicine News Center

Stanford researchers investigate the emotional side of autism - 8/13/2012, Stanford Report

Antioxidant Shows Promise as Treatment for Certain Features of Autism, Study Finds - 5/29/2012, Inside Stanford Medicine (reprinted in ScienceDaily)

Autism Answers - Parents run experiments to see what works - Spring 2012, Stanford Medicine Magazine - Stanford University School of Medicine

Spotting autism's unique shape in the brain - 9/2/2011, CNN Health

Autism Risks: Genes May Not Play Biggest Role - 7/30/2011, NPR All Things Considered

Stanford/Packard autism researchers seek twins for brain-imaging study - 1/25/2010, Inside Stanford Medicine


Autism and Developmental Disorders in the Media

PBS NewsHour Six-Part Series takes a look at the basics on autism


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ADDRP at the SF Giants Game on 6/7/2011 for Autism Awareness