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Come play with us this week! Open gym: Tuesday, 9/27/16 8-10pm at Ford Center; Thursday, 9/29/16 8-10pm at Ford Center

Stop by our booth at the Activities Fair on Friday, September 30!

what we do

Stanford Badminton is a coed team that aims to build both a competitive environment and a strong community of badminton players. The team competes locally in tournaments and against nearby universities a few times each quarter.

The team practices 2-3 times a week on Stanford Campus. We do physical conditioning to stay fit, and drill to improve our footwork and strokes. During the second half of practice, we play games (by consensus the most fun part of practice). We'll also discuss tactics & strategy.

why join

This isn't your grandma playing on the beach. Badminton is super fast, super tiring, and really fun. Joining the team means that you'll get mentorship, great practice partners, coaching, and you'll be motivated to train hard and play great games every week.

For us, the badminton team is about more than just badminton: we really care about the badminton community, and try to make it as social as possible. Also, do you like asian food?

Finally, we handle all the logistics like getting court space, buying birdies and finding out about tournaments, so you can just focus on improving and having fun.

how to join

Stanford Badminton recruits every year in the fall. The team seeks individuals driven to learn and improve in badminton, committed to promoting a strong and social badminton community. All skill levels are welcome: we're sure that if you train hard, you'll improve way faster than you think, and you'll also make a bunch of friends!

Tryouts for the 2015-2016 school year will be held in early October. Please fill out this form to for updates later on.

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