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Chronological Research
Bioconjugates Publications
The following publications are listed in reverse chronological order:
Desmarais SM, Leitner, T, Barron AE, “Quantitative experimental determination of primer-dimer formation risk by free-solution conjugate electrophoresis,” Electrophoresis 2012, 33, 483-491. pdf reprint
Wang XX, Albrecht JC, Lin JS, Barron AE, “Monodisperse, "Highly" Positively Charged Protein Polymer Drag-Tags Generated in an Intein-Mediated Purification System Used in Free-Solution Electrophoretic Separations of DNA,” Biomacromolecules 2012, 13, 117-123. pdf reprint
Lin JS, Albrecht JC, Meagher RJ, Wang X, Barron AE, “Completely monodisperse, highly repetitive proteins for bioconjugate capillary electrophoresis: development and characterization,” Biomacromolecules 2011, 12, 2275-84. pdf reprint
Pinkas DM, Ding S, Raines RT, Barron AE, “Tunable, post-translational hydroxylation of collagen domains in Escherichia coli,” ACS Chemical Biology 2011, 6, 320-324. pdf reprint
Karfeld-Sulzer L, Waters EA, Kohlmeir EK, Kissler H, Zhang X, Kaufman DB, Barron, AE, Meade TJ, “Protein polymer MRI contrast agents: longitudinal analysis of biomaterials in vivo,” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2011, 65, 220-228. pdf reprint
Ding S, Wang XX, Barron AE, “Protein polymers: gene libraries open up,” Nature Materials 2011, 10, 83-84. pdf reprint
Hrynyk M, Martins-Green M, Barron AE, Neufeld RJ, “Sustained prolonged topical delivery of bioactive human insulin for potential treatment of cutaneous wounds,” International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2010, 398, 146-154.
Davis NE, Ding S, Forster RE, Pinkas DM, Barron AE, “Modular enzymatically crosslinked protein polymer hydrogels for in situ gelation,” Biomaterials 2010, 31, 7288-7297. pdf reprint
Karfeld-Sulzer LS, Waters EA, Davis NE, Meade TJ, Barron AE, “Multivalent protein polymer MRI contrast agents: controlling relaxivity via modulation of amino acid sequence,” Biomacromolecules 2010, 11, 1429-1436. pdf reprint
Statz AR, Kuang J, Ren C, Barron AE, Szleifer I, Messersmith PB, “Experimental and theoretical investigation of chain length and surface coverage on fouling of surface-grafted polypeptoids”, Biointerphases 2009, accepted, in press. pdf reprint
Rea JC, Gibly RF, Davis NE, Barron AE, Shea LD, “Engineering surfaces for substrate-mediated gene delivery using recombinant proteins,” Biomacromolecules 2009, 10, 2779–2786. pdf reprint
Davis N, Karfeld-Sulzer L, Ding S, Barron AE, "Synthesis and characterization of a new class of cationic protein polymers for multivalent display and biomaterial applications," Biomacromolecules 2009, 10, 1125-1134 pdf reprint
Statz AR, Barron AE, Messersmith PB, "Protein, cell and bacterial fouling resistance of polypeptoid-modified surfaces: effect of side chain chemistry," Soft Matter 2008, 4: 131-139. pdf reprint
Karfeld LS, Bull SR, Davis NE, Meade TJ, Barron AE, "Use of a Genetically Engineered Protein for the Design of a Multivalent MRI Contrast Agent," Bioconjugate Chem. 2007, 18: 1697-1700. pdf reprint
Statz AR, Meagher RJ, Barron AE, Messersmith PB, "New peptidomimetic polymers for antifouling surfaces," Journal of the American Chemical Society 2005, 127: 7972-7973. (Communication) pdf reprint
Sanborn TJ, Messersmith PB, Barron AE, "In situ crosslinking of a biomimetic peptide-PEG hydrogel via thermally triggered activation of Factor XIII," Biomaterials 2002, 23: 2703-2710. pdf reprint
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