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A.E. Barron, C.N. Hestekin, I.V. Kourkine, 'Methods and Materials for Mutation Detection by Tandem Single-Strand Conformational Polymorphism and Heteroduplex Analysis by Microfluidic Chip Electrophoresis,' Invention disclosure filed Feb. 16, 2006.
A.E. Barron, 'Methods for Separation of Polymeric Compounds.' Filed in the U.S. on Oct. 4, 2005. Patent examination pending.
A.E. Barron, 'Thermo-Gelling Matrices and Related Methods for Microchannel DNA Sequencing.' Filed in the U.S. on July 15, 2005. Patent examination pending.
A.E. Barron, T.N. Chiesl, 'Physically Crosslinked Copolymer Networks as Separation Media for Single-Stranded and Double-Stranded DNA Electrophoresis in Microchannels.' Invention disclosure filed Aug. 2, 2005.
A.E. Barron, 'Methods for the Preparation of Monodisperse High Polymers by Mechanical Degradation.' Invention disclosure filed April 19, 2005. Now issued as a U.S. Patent (see attached).
A.E. Barron, E.A.S. Doherty, C.W. Kan, 'Sparsely Crosslinked "Nanogels": A Novel Polymer Structure for Microchannel DNA Sequencing,' for molecular compositions to serve as a separation matrix for DNA sequencing by microchannel electrophoresis. Filed in the U.S. and as a P.C.T. on Jan. 18, 2005. Patent examination pending.
M. Johnson, A.E. Barron, C.W. Wu, S.L. Seurynck, K. Germino, 'Pulsating Bubble Surfactometer Modified for Dynamic Image Analysis,' for a novel instrument for characterization of lung surfactants. Invention disclosure filed Jan. 23, 2004. (I am not sure if this patent was ever actually filed...I'd have to check patent database.)
C.W. Wu, R.N. Zuckermann, A.E. Barron, 'Polypeptoid Pulmonary Surfactants,' for helical, amphipathic poly-N-substituted glycine oligomers applied as functional mimics of the human lung surfactant proteins. U.S. Patent 6,887,845, issued May 3, 2005, Australian Patent 2001238442, issued Feb. 20, 2006.
A.E. Barron, 'DNA Mobility Modifier,' for molecular compositions to serve as end-labels or 'drag-tags' for DNA sequencing by microchannel electrophoresis. U.S. Patent 6,455,682, issued Sept. 24, 2002, and U.S. Patent 6,723,515, issued April 20, 2004.