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Publications - 2001
McCormick L, Slater GW, Karger AE, Vreeland WN, Barron AE, Desruisseaux C, Drouin G, "CE separation of uncharged polymers using polyelectrolyte engines: A theoretical model," J. Chrom. A 2001; 924: 43-52. pdf reprint
Wu CW, Sanborn TJ, Huang K, Zuckermann RN, Barron AE, "Peptoid oligomers with a-chiral, aromatic side chains: sequence requirements for the formation of stable peptoid helices," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2001, 123: 6778-6784. pdf reprint
Wu CW, Sanborn TJ, Zuckermann RN, Barron AE, "Peptoid oligomers with a-chiral, aromatic side chains: effects of chain length on secondary structure," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2001, 123: 2958-2963. pdf reprint
Vreeland WN, Desruisseaux C, Karger AE, Drouin G, Slater GW, Barron AE, "Molar mass profiling of synthetic polymers by free-solution capillary electrophoresis of DNA-polymer conjugates," Anal. Chem. 2001, 73: 1795-1803. pdf reprint
Buchholz BA, Doherty EAS, Albarghouthi MN, Bogdan FM, Zahn JM, Barron AE, "Microchannel DNA sequencing matrices with a thermally controlled 'viscosity switch,'" Anal. Chem. 2001, 73: 157-164. pdf reprint
Buchholz BA and Barron AE, "Multi-angle laser light scattering characterization of high molar mass, linear polyacrylamides with application as DNA sequencing matrices for microchannel electrophoresis," Electrophoresis 2001; 22: 4118-4128. pdf reprint
Albarghouthi MN, Buchholz BA, Doherty EAS, Bogdan FM, Zhou H, Barron AE, "Impact of polymer hydrophobicity on the properties and performance of DNA sequencing matrices for capillary electrophoresis," Electrophoresis 2001, 22: 737-747. pdf reprint
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