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Publications - 2004
Doherty EAS, Kan CW, Paegel BM, Yeung SHI, Cao ST, Mathies RA, Barron AE, "Sparsely cross-linked 'nanogel' matrices as fluid, mechanically stabilized polymer networks for high-throughput microchannel DNA sequencing," Anal.Chem. 2004, 76: 5249-5256. pdf reprint
Buchholz BA, Zahn JM, Kenward M, Slater GW, Barron AE, "Flow-induced chain scission as a physical route to narrowly distributed, high molar mass polymers," Polymer 2004, 45: 1223-1234. pdf reprint
Kan CW, Fredlake, CP, Doherty EAS, Barron AE, "DNA sequencing and genotyping in miniaturized electrophoresis systems," Electrophoresis 2004, 25: 3564-3588. pdf reprint
Kan CW, Doherty EAS, Buchholz BA, Barron AE, "Thermoresponsive N,N-dialkylacrylamide copolymer blends as DNA sieving matrices with a thermally tunable mesh size," Electrophoresis 2004, 25: 1007-1015. pdf reprint
Meagher RJ, Seong J, Laibinis PE, Barron AE, "A very thin coating for capillary zone electrophoresis of proteins based on a tri(ethylene glycol)-terminated alkyltrichlorosilane," Electrophoresis 2004, 25: 405-414. pdf reprint
Seurynck SL, Patch JA, Barron AE, "Simple, helical peptoid analogs of lung surfactant protein B," Chemistry and Biology 2004, 12: 77-88. pdf reprint
Won JI, Meagher RJ, Barron AE, "Characterization of glutamine deamidation in a long, repetitive protein polymer via bioconjugate capillary electrophoresis," Biomacromolecules 2004, 5: 618-627. pdf reprint
Patch JA, Kirshenbaum K, Seurynck SL, Zuckermann RN, Barron AE, "Versatile Oligo (N-substituted) Glycines: The Many Roles of Peptoids in Drug Discovery," Pseudo-peptides in Drug Discovery, P.E. Nielsen, ed., (2004) John Wiley & Sons Publishers, Hoboken, NJ. (book chapter) pdf reprint
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