Past Beagle II Award Recipients

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What makes the Beagle II Awards Unique?

"The Beagle was an ideal introduction to the challenges and rewards of overseas research, giving us a structure in which to explore our existing interests and the freedom to find new ones along the way. In addition, the grant’s emphasis on building partnerships with people and organizations in Morocco allowed us to develop meaningful friendships with many of our interviewees, relationships that will last long after the conclusion of our research."
--Meredith Wheeler
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"The Beagle II Award is unique because it allows students to take something that excites them intellectually and explore it firsthand in the field.  For us, taking ownership of our project and interests was something that the Beagle II Award helped us do, especially in seeking out people to interview and support from tribes."
--Lauren Kelly
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Other Publications by former Beagle II Award Recipients

  • View Ma’ayan Dembo’s capstone report on graffiti and street artists in Berlin and San Francisco here.

  • Click here to view Jake Friedler’s final report comprised of the beginning of a short book in the Japanese haibun style, Summer Rains on Bashō's Narrow Road.

  • Click here to watch the trailer for Chris Hanson and Chris Fedor's movie on fishing in Norway, Chasing Giants.

  • View Elaine Chao's report on domestic violence in Taiwan here.

  • Read Donnie Matsuda's thesis based on he and Jessica Tan's research in childhood immunization in Nepal here, and see photos of his voyage.

  • Read Scott Stonington's thesis based on his research on national parks in Madagascar at this link.

  • Read the Stanford Magazine article about Kumar Narayanan's work on the Three Gorges Dam, and view his photographs here.

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