Past Beagle II Award Recipients

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
--Marcel Proust

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  • Angelica Previte and Briahna Mostoller
  • Jenna Frowein
  • Sam Reeve
  • When Many Become One: Exploring the Collective Individual and/or Place in Meaning on the Camino de Santiago (project to be posted soon)
  • Sandro Luna
  • Judology: Discovering the Culture, Science, and Nutrition of Judo (project to be posted soon)


  • Ashley Overbeek
  • Grace Klaris
  • Accelerating Adoption and Scale-up of Kangaroo Mother Care in Uttar Pradesh
  • (read report here)
  • Madeline Lisaius
  • From Wild Meat to Cacao: Exploring the Transitional Economy of the Waorani
  • (read report here)
  • Reade Levinson


  • Alexzandra Scully & Kaipo Lucas
  • Amelia Farber
  • Cole Stites-Clayton
  • Wetland Weed: Lessons in Invasive Species Management from Three World-Class Wetlands


  • Genevieve Dezso
  • Jake Friedler
  • Ma’ayan Dembo
  • Tina Miller & Jennifer Schaffer
  • A Cultural Flourishing: Mapping the Creative Landscape


  • AJ Sugarman & Meredith Wheeler
  • Around the Maghreb in Sixty Days: A Voyage Towards Understanding Islamist Political Strategies and Voter Preferences in North Africa
  • Alexander Stadnyk
  • Lauren Kelley & Shannon Mulloy
  • An Exploration of Native American Ecotourism in the Pacific Northwest United States
  • (read report here)
  • Yvette Dickson-Tetteh & Alessandra Santiago
  • Ghana’s Blossoming Lotus: The Social, Religious, and Cultural Implications of the rise of Hinduism in Ghana


  • Andre Zollinger
  • Charlotte Poplawski & Taylor Winfield
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: A Spiritual Pilgrimage Across India
  • Harley Adams, Samuel Pressman, & Luke Wigren
  • Revolutionary Tourism: Artistic Creativity and the Reinvention of Discovery
  • Tess Rothstein
  • Inner-Existence in Ladakh: Exploring Social Structures for Emotional Wellness


  • Ana Deaconu & Justine Massey
  • Clare Bennett & Iris Kornbluth
  • Threading through History: New Purpose for Ancient Routes of Fashion in Turkey


  • Alexsandra Greer & Marguerite Cooper Lloyd
  • Beyond Medicine: Seeking the Social and Childrearing Implications of Early Infant HIV Diagnosis in Zambia
  • Christopher Fedor & Christopher Hanson
  • Jessica McNally
  • Using an Island Biogeography Lens to Explore Rural Environmentally Focused Communities in Western North America
  • Kimani McDonald
  • On Becoming a Role Model: An Exploration of the Impact of Household Cultural and Economic Factors on the Short Term Objectives of the Model Family Strategy of Ethiopia’s Health Extension Program (HEP)


  • Emily Gorbaty
  • EmPOWERing the Himalaya: Effectiveness of Community Participation in Micro-Hydropower Projects in Bhutan
  • Nimi Mastey
  • Forever Burning: the Hindu Widow in Vrindaran, India
  • Phillip Bulterys
  • Confronting the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, Third-World Health Resource Disparities, and Public Health Strategies in Cameroon, Zambia, Rwanda, and China


  • Hannah Larkin
  • Exploring Aboriginal Involvement in Australian Land Management and Conservation
  • Krystal Barghelame
  • Discovering Middle Eastern Culture: Unveiling the Spiritual Tradition of Mogham Music
  • Stacie Vilendrer & Deshka Foster
  • Will Peterson
  • A Paradoxical Intersection: Exploring the Interaction between Neuroscience and Buddhism


  • Jackie Weiss
  • Cultural Differences in Diabetes Treatment in Chennai, India
  • Juliann Schamel
  • Rehabilitation and Ecology of Orphaned Flying Foxes in Australia
  • Tammy Guo
  • Journey Through Taiwan: Effects of Culture on Health Care


  • Anna Hare & Erin Beller
  • Soil Management Practices, Instuitutions, and Perceptions in the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes
  • Eugenie Kim & Alex Lerner
  • Galen Thompson
  • Islam and Christianity in Jordan: Jimaeea in Habitat for Humanity
  • Jackie Crespo


  • Enessa Janes
  • Power for the People: Evaluating Green Energy in Island Nations
  • Naomi Gleit
  • Exploring Spaces: The Digital Divide and Gender Gap in Africa
  • Nicholas Casey
  • In the Wake of the Great Micronesian Voyagers


  • Alexa Aulie, Elizabeth de Rham, & Angela Bunch
  • “Fallowing” the Path to Sustainable Development in West Africa
  • Hyacinth Alvaran
  • Families, Communities and Globalization in the Phillipines
  • Kujtese Bejtullahu
  • The Heart of the Refugee World: Leadership in Three African Refugee Camps
  • Stephanie Greene & Josh Herlands
  • Exploring Rice, Ecosystems and Culture in Thailand


  • Dana Gundling
  • In the Footsteps of Small Farmers in Rio Grande do Sul: Making Sustainable Rural Development a Reality
  • Elaine Chao
  • Pushing for Social Change: Domestic Violence Movement in Taiwan (read report here)
  • Evan Fox & Nikki Probst
  • Including the Maori Perspective: New Zealand Fisheries Management In Light of Indigenous Rights


  • Jessica Tan & Donnie Matsuda
  • Lyndsey Toeppen, Jared Cohen, & Josh Haner
  • Socialization of Youth in a Maasai Village: Research and Photo Essay


  • Caitrin McKiernan
  • Women’s Career Choices in the Peoples’ Republic of China
  • Chris Maloney
  • Zoe Bradbury
  • Farming at the Margins: The Struggle to Sustain Family Agriculture in Langlois, Oregon and La Estrella, Chile (the resulting honors thesis received a Firestone Award)


  • Ashley Adams
  • Janet Altman
  • Natalie Dumont
  • Local Incentives for Conservation in Galapagos
  • Scott Stonington


  • Kumar Narayanan
  • Phillina Lai & Rita Ng

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