Welcome to the website of the Belgian Association at Stanford University. This website serves to announce the activities organized by Belgica on Stanford Campus. You can also find a list of the current affiliates, and the alumni. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us. Our contact information can be found in the Contacts tab.

Upcoming Activities

Belgian Lunch

The upcoming Belgica lunches (we meet around 12:30 PM):

  • Thursday 5/8 - 12:30pm: Cool Café (Cantor Arts Cente)
  • Tuesday 5/20 - 12:30pm: Arbuckle (GSB)
  • Wednesday 6/4 - 12:30pm: Coupa Cafe (Y2E2)
  • Thursday 6/19 - 12:30pm: Thai Café(MMain Qud)

Joint event with Stanford Brewing Club

  • When: Friday May 9, 2014
  • Where: see mailing list

Mission Statement

The purpose of Belgica is twofold. We bring together Belgians and other students interested in Belgian culture to exchange ideas about the experience of living in the United States and to help each other with the integration process. Secondly, we participate every year in several cultural events organized on the Stanford campus to introduce and promote the Belgian culture to the members of the Stanford community.

Leadership Team 2012-2013

  • President: Karel-Alexander Duerloo, PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Financial Officer: Lucas Peeters, PhD Candidate in Physics
  • Vice President: Stephanie Dupont, PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Web Officer: Raf Mertens

Please register on the mailing list if you wish to stay informed.