Healthy Work Environment



Support your team in achieving better health, and enjoy a happier, more positive workplace

Healthy Work Environment (HWE) is a customized 10-week program that you and your co-workers create and complete together. By supporting each other in achieving a shared wellness goal, you and your co-workers can enrich relationships, foster collaboration and decrease stress — creating a happier and more relaxed workplace. You do not need to take the SHALA to participate in an HWE group.

This flexible program lets you choose what activities to do and when and where to do them.
HWE groups have participated in:

  • Destination walks – walking to an interesting place on- or off-campus
  • Gardening
  • Five-minute meditation breaks
  • Healthy potluck lunches
  • Walk and talk meetings

A group member will receive $100 if that participant:

  • Successfully meets the program’s goals;
  • Is a benefits-eligible employee; and
  • Has not already received the $100 Berry or HWE incentive that program year.

HWE groups are encouraged to continue participating. Group members who complete the first 10-week session and go on to successfully complete a second 10-week session will each receive:

  • A $50 Amazon gift card
  • A BeWell Garmin fitness tracker

You can start an HWE group by signing into your account to complete the Ambassador application. As an Ambassador, you will recruit participants, track participation and inform BeWell about how your group is doing. You will connect with other Ambassadors and BeWell to share your experiences and learn from each other, as well as celebrate your achievements with free gifts and special events. BeWell provides continuous support to help each HWE group succeed. Sound interesting? Fill out our interest survey.

Don’t want to start a group?  You can request to join an existing group by signing into your account to find a group near you. Contact the group’s Ambassador to discuss membership and request to join the group if you both agree it’s a good fit.

What is the incentive for participating in an HWE group??

Employees who successfully complete one quarter (10 weeks) of goals with their HWE group will earn a $100 taxable incentive, paid in two pay periods. The HWE incentive does not go to the department, but rather directly to the employee to use as they wish. Employees who complete the first 10 weeks and then go on to complete a second 10 weeks will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and Stanford-branded Garmin fitness tracker. Note: If you participate in an HWE group for a second quarter that program year, you will not be eligible for a second $100 payment.

Can I earn an incentive for participating in an HWE group and an incentive for completing six Berries?

No. An employee in an HWE group who is also doing Berry activities is eligible only for one $100 incentive per program year. That participant will be awarded either the HWE incentive or the Berry incentive, whichever is completed first.

Do I need to complete SHALA before joining an HWE group?

No. SHALA is not a prerequisite to join an HWE group or earn the HWE incentive. An employees may, however, complete SHALA any time before or after joining an HWE group to unlock Wellness Profile incentives, Berry activities and other BeWell discounts and promotions.

Who can help our work group become a Healthy Work Environment?

Work groups can identify an individual to apply to become an Ambassador. This individual will work with the HWE program to address the goals of the work group.

What are the responsibilities and time commitment associated with being an Ambassador?

The Ambassador recruits participants, helps the group develop goals (see HWE Sample Group Goals) and measures, and promotes the program at staff meetings and gatherings. The Ambassador monitors the group’s progress, provides monthly updates to BeWell on the group’s status, and identifies group members who are eligible for the $100 incentive.

What support does BeWell provide?

BeWell works with the Ambassador to develop HWE goals (see HWE Sample Group Goals) and measures. We provide resources, education and ongoing support throughout the quarter to help facilitate group participation, keep groups on track, evaluate progress, adjust goals and administer guidelines for individual procurement of the $100 financial incentive