BABBLE: Back After Baby Bonding Leave Ends

June 21, 2017|10:00am

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Are you a parent preparing to return or recently returned from your maternity/paternity/baby bonding leave? As a working parent, you don’t want miss this valuable workshop on managing the transition back to work after the baby.

You’ll have an opportunity to:

Learn about sources of support at Stanford to help balance your work and family needs
Get actionable tips and ideas to help ease the transition back to work
Hear educational insights on early childhood development
Receive self-care resources, connect with other Stanford parents returning to work
And much more!
This quarterly workshop is intended for benefits-eligible faculty and staff who take a leave of absence for the arrival of a child. You are encouraged to register if you:

Plan to take a leave in the next three months
Are actively on leave
Have returned from a leave within the last three to six months
Partners and babies are welcome to join.

Full event information:

Location: Pacific Ocean Conference Room (Room 108), 3160 Porter Drive