Vitality 101: Finding Your Groove

July 18, 2017|12:00pm

If you want to be excellent, enthusiastic and e¡ective . . .and you want to catch your breath. If you want to have a sense of purpose and joy. . . and you want to be able to connect with colleagues, yourself, family and friends. . . If you want to keep all of
the important balls in the air and bounce back from disappointment. . .This is the right time to RENEW! Our easy-going, yet profound program will explore practical and powerful ways to refresh. We’ll discuss values and how best to say “No” and “Yes” at the right times in your career and life. In our time together we’ll talk about the five characteristics of
“fit” people; learn about ways to integrate intellect, “soul”, body, and relationships; and will have lively discussions about getting through a tough day. After this program, you will feel better able to weather change and to move ahead.
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