WEBINAR | Why Sweat It? What’s so HOT about Menopause in 2017

July 18, 2017|12:00pm

Most women start to experience symptoms of natural menopause in their mid-40’s to mid-
50’s as ovarian estrogens decline towards the end of their reproductive years. Surgical
menopause, i.e. removal of both ovaries, results in an abrupt change, regardless of age. The most common menopausal symptoms, hot flushes and night sweats (which often disrupt sleep), may be mild to severe and may continue for several years.
In this noon-hour webinar, the risks, benefits, and e¡ectiveness of common approaches to
managing menopausal symptoms will be discussed, including estrogens, with (if a woman still has her uterus) or without a progestin (if a woman had a hysterectomy), non-hormonal drug treatments, and lifestyle and behavioral techniques, including alternative medical approaches.
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