2011 Tournament


  • We are organizing the 2011 International Computational Billiards Championships, which will be held in late summer next year. Visit the tournament page here for details and please join us!
  • Gold Medal! We participated in the 2008 ICGA Computer Olympiad in Beijing, China, and won the gold medal! A big thanks to everyone who helped out with our agent, CueCard. Official tournament results can be found here.

About the group

The Stanford Computational Billiards Group is a group of students working within the Multiagent Systems Group, advised by Professor Yoav Shoham

Current Members:

Past Members:
  • Kat Busch - CURIS student summer 2009
  • Russell Chou - CURIS student summer 2009
  • David Cohen - Masters student 2007-2008
  • Alex Landau - CURIS student summer 2008
  • Tyler Mullen - CURIS student summer 2008
  • Brennan Saeta - CURIS student summer 2009
  • Art Tosborvorn - CURIS student summer 2008


To get in contact with us, please send an email to: