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2011 International Computational Billiards Championships

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Tournament overview

The 2011 International Computational Billiards Championships will be held during July of 2011, with the finals taking place in conjunction with AAAI-11 during August of 2011.

The championships will feature 3 different competitions.

  • Low Noise- agents will compete with a low amount of noise added to their shots. The specific noise model used will be the same as the last competition.
  • High Noise- agents will compete with a high amount of noise added to their shots. The specific noise model will have standard deviations 5 times those of the low noise case.
  • Variable Noise - agents will compete at random noise levels, between 0 times the low noise level and 5 times the low noise level. Each agent will be given the noise level of the current game at runtime, but agent designs will have to account for the variability. Every two games during the match will have a different randomly chosen noise level, and each player will break once using each noise level.


  • May 31, 2011 - deadline for expression of interest
  • July, 2011 - start of stage 1 of the tournaments
  • August, 2011 - start of stage 2 of the tournament (at AAAI)


Official Tournament Rules are now avaialble!

The game played at the 2011 championships will be 8-ball, according to the official rules of the Billiards Congress of America.

Each team may submit one agent into each competition. The agent must appropriately interface with the game server (see software section for details). No restriction is placed on computing resources. Each agent will have 5 minutes to compute their shots for each game. Timeouts (regardless of cause) will be scored as a loss for the team timing out. Specific rules for dealing with crashed agents and other similar eventualities will be finalized as the competition draws closer.

The base noise model used will be consistent with past competitions. Each of the five action parameters will have a random perturbation added to it by the server before execution in the game. This is done to simulate imperfect execution skill on the parts of the agents and because the physics simulator itself is deterministic. Each perturbation is drawn from a zero-mean Gaussian distribution with a specific standard deviation for each parameter. The base noise standard deviations are:

Parameter φ θ V a b
Standard Deviation 0.125 deg 0.1 deg 0.075 m/s 0.5 mm 0.5 mm

These base standard deviations will be multiplied by a scaling factor in two of the competitions (high and variable noise), and these values (i.e. scaling factor of 1) will be used in the low noise competition.

Tournament format

Each tournament will take place in two stages. During stage 1, which is round-robin, each agent will play each other agent in a 500 game match. Following all of these matches, the teams will be ranked based on the total number of games they won during stage 1. The second stage will consist (at least) of a final match between the agents based on their order. (i.e. the first agent will play the second agent for first place, the third and fourth place teams will play a match for third place, etc.) This second stage is planned to occur in conjunction with AAAI 2011. The number of games played in these final matches will be adjusted according to the time available at and immediately before AAAI. Some of these details might be adjusted as the competition nears based on number of competitors.

Contact Information

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the tournament, please email: