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  • Where is BioBridge located and when is it open?
    BioBridge is located on the first floor of Gilbert Hall in room 108. Our office hours are located here.
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  • I can't make it to any of the office hours for BioBridge. Is there any other way to contact you?
    If you cannot make it to any of the BioBridge OH, please feel free to contact us via email with your questions and we should be able to get back to you within 24 hours. or online.
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  • Can I apply to become a BioBridge member? You guys are so cool.
    BioBridge accepts applications for new members every spring quarter. Even if you don't know every little detail about the Biology major, please feel free to apply.
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  • I want to declare Biology as my major. What do I do?
    Please visit our "Declaring" page in order to find out all you need to know about declaring the major. If you have any other questions or are confused about a certain step or requirement, please feel free to come to our scheduled office hours, email us, or submit a question online.
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  • How do I choose an advisor?
    Choosing an advisor is often the biggest obstacle to declaring, but it should not be. If you need help choosing an advisor, come to the BioBridge office during office hours and check out the "Choosing an Advisor" binder, which contains faculty surveys that might help you on your search for an advisor.
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  • Am I done with my Biology major?
    Check out the degree requirements for the Biology major. If you still have any questions, stop by Gilbert 108 and speak to any of the full-time staff members.
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  • I want to get involved in research. How should I start?
    There are numerous research opportunities at Stanford, and faculty are always looking for more eager students to work in their labs. To get started, check out the Biology department's research page for some general information on how to get involved in research. Try to find a field that you are interested in and email professors in that area of research regarding possibly working in their labs. Professors with open spots in their labs love to hear from enthusiastic students. There are also a ton of VPUE funding opportunities for research, particularly over the summer.
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  • I'm working in a lab. Can I get units for it?
    You can possibly receive units for your research through BIO 199. If you are doing research with a faculty member outside the Biology department you will need to petition for BIO 199X. You must be a Biology major and have your instructor's consent for this. Please refer to for more information.
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  • I want to take <insert name of class here>. Is it a difficult class? How are lectures? Is the professor nice? What is his grading policy? How many midterms does the class have? Will I get an A in it? Is the class fun?
    We will not know the details about every single Biology course here at Stanford, but we can give you advice about many courses offered. If a BioBridge member that you visit during office hours has not taken the course that you wish to know more about, email us and perhaps one of the other members of BioBridge will be able to assist you. Also, feel free to peruse CourseRank for grade distribution and student comments, or the syllabus binder in our office for details on the class.
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  • When is <insert name of class here> offered?
    Refer to the Stanford Bulletin to see when courses are being offered. Also, we have many course syllabi available for you to take a look at.
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  • I want to take some classes over the summer. How do I do that?
    You should always get classes preapproved before you take them. We have a giant green binder in our office full of preapproved classes in Physics, Math and Statistics. If the class(es) you want to take are not in the green binder, talk to the Student Services Staff in Gilbert 108 to find out how to get your choice classes preapproved.
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  • I have a question about <insert name of major other than Biology>. Can BioBridge answer my question?
    No, we can only help with questions about the Biology major or minor. Visit the Student Services office for the department you are considering.
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  • What biology-related activities/extracurriculars are available
    There are literally a ton of student groups on campus that are related to the field of biology. Check out this list!
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