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General Biology Major Requirements

The general biology major is designed for students who would like a broad-based biology curriculum. The foundation courses for the general major include the Bio Core and labs, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Within the upper-division electives, students experience a breadth of courses by satisfying the Central Menu requirement: 1 course in 3 of 4 Central Menu areas (Molecular, Cell/Developmental, Organismal and Ecology/Evolution). Beyond the Central Menu requirement, students can take their remaining upper-division electives from Biology (BIO) and Hopkins (BIOHOPK) course offerings, and also from the Approved Out-of-Department Elective list. Students following the general biology major requirements have the option to also complete the departmental honors program, but are not required to do so. The specific list of requirements for the General Biology major is available online at:

Fields of Study

For students wishing to concentrate their studies in specific sub-disciplines of biology, six different specialized fields of study are available:
  1. Biochemistry and Biophysics
  2. Ecology and Evolution
  3. Marine Biology
  4. Microbes and Immunity
  5. Molecular and Cellular Biology
  6. Neurobiology
Requirements for all six fields of study are significantly different from each other and from the general major. Students who wish to complete a field of study will also be required to complete the departmental honors requirements, which are discussed at length on the Biohonors website.

Biology Minor Requirements

In order to apply for the Biology minor, go to Axess and submit your application for the minor at least 2 quarters before your expected graduation date(e.g. if you are planning to graduate immediately following the spring quarter of senior year, then your deadline to apply for the minor would be the end of your fall quarter). On Axess, you must submit 6 courses that you will use to fulfill the Biology minor requirements.

The Biology minor requires a minimum of six courses meeting the following criteria:


  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade and worth 3 or more units.
  • All courses, other than the Bio Core, must be at or above the 100-level, but cannot include Stanford Introductory Seminars.
  • Courses used to fulfill the minor may not be used to fulfill any other departmentís degree requirements (minor or major).
  • Elective credit for research (BIO 199 or BIOHOPK 199H) is limited to a maximum of 3 units.
  • BIO 198, 198X, and 199X cannot be used.

Bio Core

  • At least one course from the Bio Core (BIO 41, 42, 43, BIOHOPK 43) must be taken.
  • Two core courses are strongly recommended. Students may count all three.
  • The Bio Core Laboratory (BIO 44X, 44Y, BIOHOPK 44Y) cannot be used.