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Introduction is a shared web portal for the biomedical technology design community. The intent is to provide an up-to-date guide to high-quality, basic information about clinical problems, biomedical technologies that address them and business and law resources to assist in technology transfer. The site, developed as a collaboration between university biomedical engineering programs, will serve aspiring students and other BME innovators with practical links to medical, technical and entrepreneurial content.

On this site you'll find content to help you understand the structure of the site and how editorial responsibility is allocated. If you're new to you should explore the site itself. See how the pages are laid out and how the information is organized. If you need more help, read the section on Hierarchy, Structure and Links.

For specific editing instructions refer to that section. To see the editorial process flow, see the Editorial Responsibility pages.

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May, 2007

We have updated the design to reflect the current state of the web. We are looking at additional functionality for bmesource as well.

We have updated the search function on the site with Google's Enterprise edition. We hope this provides better functionality.

NCIIA Conference
Christine Kurihara presented the latest on bmesource at the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance Conference on Mar 22, 2007.

We are pleased to have the official endorsement of AIMBE, BMES and BME Council of Chairs.

IDEAS for Student participation
Check out how others get their students to participate in collecting and turning in links to bmesource. We now have a list of ideas.