Biodesign Innovation Fellowship - now accepting applications for our 2015-16 Fellowship.

India Curriculum - a set of slides to be used over a 13-week course that teaches the Biodesign process in an Indian context.  The content is available through our Instructor Resources.

Global Sourcebook Chapters - We're now offering free chapters of our new Global Sourcebook - first up Singapore.  The four chapters discuss healthcare systems, regulation, reimbursement and IP in Singapore.

Regulatory Video Briefs that cover regulatory basics, fundamental strategies, and short case studies on medtech companies and their interactions with the FDA.


The biodesign innovation process has been developed to help medical technology innovators increase their likelihood of success in identifying important clinical needs, inventing new medical devices and instruments, and implementing these advances in patient care. This approach is described in detail in the book Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies.

This website is a companion to the text, designed to provide innovators with active web links to support the Getting Started sections at the end of each chapter, relevant content updates, short videos of experts in the field, and links to other useful resources as they apply the biodesign process to projects in industry or academia.  Use the menu on the left to access these materials by chapter.

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