4.1 Intellectual Property Basics - Videos

Greg Lambrecht, CEO, Intrinsic Orthopedics, on IP during the need phase

  1. When do you take intellectual property into consideration in the process of shaping up a need? [1:23] [transcript]

Jim Shay, Partner, ShayGlen LLP, on Intellectual Property 

  1. How can you tell whether or not to worry about the obviousness of an idea versus the prior art?
  2. How is patentability different from freedom to operate?
  3. Explain about reduction to practice – when is it okay to just have the drawings in the patent, and when do I need to make a working model?
  4. How detailed do I need to be in a provisional patent application?
  5. How much should I have done before contacting a patent attorney for help?
  6. Do you have any special tips about patent searching?
  7. What are the most common mistakes you see first-timers make in filing a patent?
  8. When is it important to consider filing patents outside the US?
Mika Mayer, Partner, Morrison & Foerster, on Patents
  1. What is the biggest problem for inventors who write their own provisional patents?
  2. What standard does the patent office use to evaluate obviousness?
  3. What should an inventor look for in selecting a patent attorney?

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