5.3 Clinical Strategy - Videos

Michael Billig, Co-founder & CEO, Experien, discusses the design of clinical trials

  1. How important is it to take into account issues of cost effectiveness in designing clinical trials?
  2. What changes are you seeing in the design of clinical trials based on recent changes in FDA experience and perspectives?
  3. How do you know when to start a pivotal clinical trial?

Ken Martin, CEO, Sadra Medical, on clinical trials

  1. What are the practical issues involved in setting up a first-in-man trial?
  2. How important is it to have a good animal model before launching a clinical trial?

Jeff Rideout, Chief Strategy Officer, Certify Data Systems, on reimbursement and clinical trials

  1. When does an innovator or company need to consider reimbursement issues in planning a clinical trials strategy?
  2. How does an innovator know what level of clinical trial evidence will be required to support a reimbursement decision?

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