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Term Definition

A transaction in which the seller of the property (technology, IP, company) completely relinquishes control of the property to the acquirer.

Administrative detention

A temporary "cease and desist" order from the FDA.

AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Ass

The advocacy group for medical device companies.

AHA (American Hospital Association)

An association that represents hospitals, healthcare networks and their patients and communities.

AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and

U.S. Government agency responsible for collecting evidence-based data on health care outcomes. Longitudinal data is available through their website.

AIMDD (Active Implantable Medical Device

Active Implantable Medical Device Directive 90/385/EEC; one of the key regulatory approval directives used in the European Union.

AMA (American Medical Association)

The primary association of physicians in the United States; the AMA controls the issuance of new CPT Codes.

Angel investor

Experienced individual investors who use their own wealth to fund start-up companies. Angel investors may be organized in groups.

ANSI (American National Standards Instit

The US standards organization that is representative to ISO.

APC (Ambulatory Payment Classification)

Codes for classifying hospital outpatient procedures


Any of the treatment groups in a randomized trial. Most randomized trials have two “arms,” but some have three “arms,” or even more (see Randomized Trial).

ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Ci

One potential component of the electrical circuitry of a device.

ASQ (American Society of Quality)

American Society of Quality.

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