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Term Definition
BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated

The course of action that will be taken if a negotiation fails to lead to an agreement.

BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Health plans that operate in various regions in the US. There are 39 BCBS plans and the BCBS Association is a trade group that, among other things, helps establish guideline for reimbursement.

Bench testing

Testing prototypes (materials, methods, functionality) in a controlled laboratory environment (not in animals or humans).


A basic principle of bioethics that all medical work is for the good of the patient; contrast to malfeasance.


When a point of view prevents impartial judgment on issues relating to the subject of that point of view. In clinical studies, blinding and randomization control bias.


The property of a material that indicates that it is compatible with being placed in humans.

Blind trial

A trial in which neither the members of the patient group nor any participating doctors, nurses or data analysts, are aware of which treatment or control group the patients are in.

Blue-Sky need

A large-scale need that would require major new medical or scientific breakthroughs and/or significant changes in practice.

Bottom-up model

A sales forecast model that uses a series of detailed sales factors, including sales cycle, adoption curve, hiring effort, commercial effort, etc. to predict future sales.


A board which can be used to assemble electronic components and connect them for use in prototyping devices with computer parts.

Bridge loan

An interim debt financing option available to individuals and companies which can be arranged relatively quickly and span the period of time before additional financing can be obtained.

Budget impact model

A model for demonstrating product value that examines the cost and treatable population within a health plan, as well as the expected annual cost to the plan for covering a device.

Bundled pricing

Setting a single price for a combination of products and/or services.

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