Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies (published by Cambridge University Press) has been developed by a team of faculty and staff at Stanford University, in collaboration with hundreds of representatives from the medtech field. Its purpose is to provide innovators with a comprehensive, actionable resource for guiding medtech projects.

The book is based on what we call the biodesign innovation process, which has three distinct phases—identify, invent, and implement. These three phases are further subdivided into a total of six stages and 29 core activities (with a chapter on each one).

Features of the book:

  • Over 40 case studies are included to demonstrate how real-world teams and companies have dealt with common medtech challenges.
  • Quotes, vignettes, and working examples are shared from emerging and established companies and innovators.
  • Medical, engineering, and business perspectives are represented throughout the text.
  • Step-by-step instructions and references are provided in the Getting Started section for each chapter.
  • Thousands of additional web links and other relevant information is available via this website.

Read how different audiences (students, faculty, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors) can use the book in different ways to maximize the value they gain.

The book was originally written to accompany the Biodesign Innovation course offered through Stanford University.  This course is available online through Stanford's Center for Professional Development.  Please see further information about how you might take the course through the SCPD website.

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