This workshop stands apart from the many conferences and events that serve senior executives and management teams of established life science firms. The target audience for this program is the ‘next-generation’ of life science entrepreneurs. Participants will include:

  • Managers early in their career
  • Research and development engineers
  • Physicians
  • Scientists
  • University faculty and researchers

The program will serve individuals within these groups that contemplate or demonstrate a focus on entrepreneurial experience and innovation.


Have you thought about or engaged in the following:

    • Defined an unmet clinical need
    • Developed a prototype
    • Filed IP
    • Written a business plan
    • Pitched your ‘friends & family’ for resources
    • Constantly explaining your new product idea to friends, associates and coworkers
    • Developed or led a novel product concept or team within a company
    • Worked or consulted for a start-up
    • Have been an early-stage Founder
    • Had to pitch your boss or management for resources to develop your product idea
    • Networked to find the right people: engineers, lawyers or doctors
    • Involved in a pre-clinical trial
    • Strategic use of ‘Google’ to find your ideal SAB member or venture partner
    • Participated in raising Angel or Seed funding
    • Arrange ‘happenstance’ meetings with targeted VC’s
    • Pitched VC’s for financing

If you answered ‘YES’ to one or more of these, then we encourage you to apply.

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