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A patent search proves beneficial at various stages of the inventing process. An initial patent search at the time of conception and formulation of an idea helps in assessing the depth and extent of the field of invention.

In due course, and especially in case of existing prior art, the patent search helps in refining the idea and stimulates further inventive thinking by challenging the inventors with regard to the novelty of the idea.

Finally, a comprehensive awareness of the prior art, as reflected in the “background” section of the patent submission, would aide the examiner at the patent office in assessing the technology and speed up the review process.

 Table of Contents

  1. Who is an Inventor
  2. Patents and Patent Classes
  3. Goals of Patent Search
  4. Benefits From Patent Search
  5. Keywords: Before You Start!
  6. How to Search
  7. Tips, Tricks, and Observations






Key Points

Search is beneficial:

  • Assesses Depth of Field
  • Challenges Novelty
  • Speeds up Process
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