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The Patent Search Tutorial was designed and constructed by

Ali Hassan, MD

Christine Kurihara

Special Thanks to

Paul Yock, MD

for his support.

The Biodesign Program of Stanford University is a broad collaboration between faculty and students at Stanford who share a vision for technology innovation in biomedical engineering through

  • Research
  • Education
  • Ethics & Policy
  • Technology transfer

Its mission is to promote the invention and implementation of new health technologies through interdisciplinary research and education at the emerging frontiers of engineering and the biomedical sciences.

Read more about the program at

 Table of Contents

  1. Who is an Inventor
  2. Patents and Patent Classes
  3. Goals of Patent Search
  4. Benefits From Patent Search
  5. Keywords: Before You Start!
  6. How to Search
  7. Tips, Tricks, and Observations


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