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A significant IP is sometimes

  • camouflaged by very generic words in foreground (title and abstract)
  • intentionally made less attractive by absence or non-detailed front-page image

Explore alternative vocabularies describing your idea

Example: Spiral vs. Helical

Consider various versions of word combinations, hyphenations, etc:

Example: Guide Wire vs. Guidewire vs. Guide-Wire

Best Searchable Fields

Use Often
Often contains a collections of keyword of inventions
Assignee/ Inventor Name
Active inventors, companies, continue to enrich the field
Full Text
Good option for identifying IP related to your idea
(advanced stage)
Use Less Often
For competing IP. (advanced stage)
Patent claims have to be specific.
(advanced stage)
Assignee/ Inventor Address
Inventions may follow geographical pattern
Use Rarely
Application Number
(very advanced)
Priority Date
(very advanced)
International Patent Class
(very advanced)

 Table of Contents

  1. Who is an Inventor?
  2. Patents and Patent Classes
  3. Goals of Patent Search
  4. Benefits From Patent Search
  5. Keywords: Before You Start!
  6. How to Search
  7. Tips, Tricks, and Observations


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