Current Students

Meet the grad students currently enrolled in the Biology Department.

2010 Stanford Biology PhD Cohort

Rachael Bay, MAR

Research Interest: genetic/genomic variation associated with ecological & physiological divergence

Julie Bianchini, CMB

Research Interest: exploring chromatin regulation and epigenetics

Tamaki Bieri, CMB

Research Interest: protein misfolding and autophagy and their implication on neurodegenerative diseases

Rachel Bond, CMB

Research Interest: structural biochemistry and virology

Mike Bramson, E/E

Research Interest: adaptive evolutionary genetics, environmental factors on molecular evolution


Tom Cooke, CMB

Research Interest: plant molecular biology & biochemistry; structures & chemistry of nucleic acids

Xintong Dong, CMB

Research Interest: how the complex nervous system is formed and how it functions

Rachel Egger, CMB

Research Interest: cellular signaling that allows plants to adapt genetically

Luke Frishkoff, E/E

Research Interest: responses of animals, especially amphibians, to human modification of landscapes

Conor Jacobs, CMB

Research Interest: elucidation of mechanisms that govern synaptogenesis and plasticity

Melissa Kemp, E/E

Research Interest: how populations respond to changing ecological and geological forces

Dmitriy Kolesnikov, CMB 

Research Interest: the mechanisms of macromolecular interactions at the single-molecule level

Judith Levine, MAR

Research Interest: hourglass model of evolution; diversity of model organisms in evo-devo

Pengpeng Li, CMB

Research Interest: signal transduction research on development biology

I Lin, CMB

Research Interest: defense-regulated gene expression, plant signal transduction and plant-microve interactions

David Lipton, I/O

Research Interest: biology of the neural circuitry encoding animal behavior

Tom Lopez, CMB

Research Interest: regulation of cell signaling & parasitic diseases

Heather Machado, E/E

Research Interest: processes underlying genome changes; role of gene expression in genome evolution

Megha Makam, I/O

Research Interest: exploring the relationship between brain physiology and behavior in mammals

Juliana Matos, CMB

Research Interest: plant physiology with emphasis in developmental biology

Rajiv McCoy, E/E

Research Interest: how habitat variation can maintain genetic diversity

Mike McLaren, E/E

Research Interest: mathematical modeling to understand the origins & dynamics of evolution

Andrew Merrell, E/E

Research Interest: colony organization and task allocation of social insects

Holly Moeller, E/E

Research Interest: How  interactions stabilize species assemblages

Alison Ravenscraft, E/E

Research Interest: tropical & temperate systems, interspecies interactions, & conservation

Lupita Ruiz-Jones, MAR

Research Interest: how marine organisms are affected by changing oceans

Saumya Sankaran, CMB

Research Interest: assembly & regulation of protein or protein-nucleic acid complexes

Koning Shen, CMB

Research Interest: quantitative description of molecular mechanisms, protein-nucleic acid interactions

Jon Turner, CMB

Research Interest: Cellular spatial organization in single-celled organisms and in multicellular development

Sandeep Venkataram, E/E

Research Interest: evolution of the noncoding portion of genomes and transcription factor binding sites

Alex Wilkinson, CMB

Research Interest: mechanisms of gene regulation & expression

Ben Wilson, E/E

Research Interest: development of new population genetics models

Liz Wiltshire, CMB

Research Interest: plant cell communication between individual cells, and within a single cell

Tyler Wittkopp, CMB

Research Interest: industrial microbiology and synthetic biology

Ze Yang, CMB

Research Interest:
Epigenetics relation with cancer & Molecular Biology technology application

Mian Zhang, CMB

Research Interest: cell cycle control, DNA damage and biology basis of emotion

2009 Stanford Biology PhD Cohort

Emily Abrash
Bergmann Lab

Lisa Boxer
Khavari Lab

Robert Furrow
Feldman Lab

Xiaojing Gao
Peking University
Luo and Clandinin Labs

Philip Greenspoon
University of
British Columbia
Feldman Lab

Tom Hata
UC Berkeley
Denny Lab

Danny Karp
Daily Lab

Nina Ly
UC Davis
Cyert Lab

Gabriel Maltais-Landry
University of
Vitousek Lab

Chase Mendenhall
U of Wyoming
Daily Lab

Anthony Ng
U of Texas
Lowe Lab

Marina Oster
Palumbi Lab

Adam Perez
University of
Shapiro Lab

Por Sae-Seaw
Wang Lab

William Stork
Mudgett Lab

Caroline Townsend
Morrison Lab

Melissa Works
Sapolsky Lab

2008 Stanford Biology PhD Cohort

Amanda Amodeo
University of

Melinda Belisle
Polytechnic Institute

Kirill Bersuker
University of
Texas at Austin

Laura Bronsart
Washington State

Oana Carja
Cuza University,

Mara Damian

Kelli Davies
University of

Graham Dow
Cornell University

Kenneth Frame
The Ohio State

Julie Granka
Cornell University

Caroline Hu
Brown University

Megan Jensen
University of

Amy Johnson
Cornell University

Jennifer Johnson

Azim Khan
University of
Illinois at

Matthew Knope
UC Santa Cruz

Mark Longo
Georgetown University

Bill Anderegg
Stanford University

Jasmine Loveland
Hampshire College
Amherst, MA

Betty Mbom
Carnegie Mellon

Fanuel Muindi
Morehouse College,
Atlanta, GA

Alex Nees
Princeton University

Caitlin O'brien
University of the
Sciences in

Judit Pungor

Diamantis Sellis
National & Kapodistrian
Unversity of Athens

Zhiyuan Song
Tsinghua University

Carolyn Tepolt
The College of
William & Mary

Daniel Van de Mark
University of

Xing Wei
Fudan University

Chelsea Wood
Dartmouth College

2007 Stanford Biology PhD Cohort

Sara Brownell
Steinman Lab
Cornell University

Kyla Dahlin
Field Lab
Yale University

Evan Guiney
Cyert Lab

Elizabeth Hambleton
Pringle Lab
Williams College

Jason Hill
Watt Lab
Stanford University

Timothy Kelliher
Walbot Lab
Swarthmore College

Kristy Kroeker
Micheli Lab
UC Santa Cruz

Joanna Lee
Stearns Lab
UC Berkeley

Yin Lee
Stearns Lab
Cornell University

Alisa Lehman
Long Lab

Daniel Madigan
Micheli Lab
Dartmouth College

Carrie Metzinger
Bergmann Lab
Cal Poly,
San Luis Obispo

John Powell
De Tomaso Lab
Univeristy of Montana

Matthew Rowe
Bergmann Lab
University of Chicago

Sean Trevino
Kopito Lab
Mount Union College

Brandon Williams
Shapiro and Nelson Lab
San Francisco
State University

Ye Wu
Shen Lab
Peking University,

Naupaka Zimmerman
Vitousek Lab
Harvard Universiy