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Please take the time to read the following campaign statements.  These are the students who will be planning your social hours, representing you to the medical school and generally advocating for Biosciences PhDs.  If you're interested in running for something, but somehow missed earlier emails - please email Moria (moriac@stanford.edu) ASAP and we can get you added to the ballot.

Come to elections on June 3rd from 12-1pm in D136 to vote for the students that you would like to represent you.  Remember to RSVP to Suzanne (sbethard@stanford.edu) so that we can make sure to have enough food to feed all of you!  The deadline for RSVPing is Wednesday June 2nd at noon.



Jeremy Chang - Chemical and Systems Biology (3rd year)

I believe that the purpose of BioMASS is to enhance the graduate student experience by (1) creating a tight-knit community among students studying biology, (2) interfacing with other student organizations at Stanford and elsewhere, and (3) representing student needs to the university. My involvement over the past two years as VP of BioMASS has given me a good understanding of the organization, as well as graduate life and the university in general. I look forward to working with the BioMASS leadership and university administrators on sustaining and improving current programs, like the camping trip and social hours, as well as introducing new initiatives.

Vice President

Louis Fernandes - Biophysics (3rd Year)

The potential expansion of the BioMASS budget will require more coordination and communication within the organization and between ourselves and other student groups. As vice president, I will work with other organizations to expand our reach. As a two year member of the BioMASS leadership, I have dealt with and coordinated numerous events of all sizes. I will use this knowledge to assist other members of the leadership and help to improve the organization.

Molly Lowndes - Cancer Biology (2nd Year)

I’m interested in being the BioMASS Vice President because I want to integrate the biosciences programs more and work closely with other organizations in the Medical School. As Vice President I will assist the President and BioMASS Chairs on their projects, as well as take on some projects of my own. This next year I would like to plan a field day, with friendly competition between the different programs. I also want to act as liaison to LKSC to make sure we take advantage of everything the new building has to offer.

Financial Officer

Louis Fernandes - BioPhysics (3rd Year)

During the past year, I have overseen the finances of BioMASS, interfaced with other student groups, and was involved in developing the proposal for a larger budget for next year. The financial officer next year will be dealing with much larger sums than we have in the past, and an experienced officer would help the transition into a new era of growth. I have said experience and will continue to help BioMASS grow and serve its membership.

Kunal Mehta - Bioengineering (1st Year)

I'm interested in serving as the BioMASS Financial Officer to help guide the budget of the group and secure funding for our important activities and outreach. I have served in financial roles for organizations during my high school and college days. Most recently I was responsible for the main fundraising operation of the UCLA Biomedical Engineering Society, where I helped organize a vendor show that brought in $5000 for our society. WIth BioMASS, I hope to work with the other officers to increase the impact our society has to Stanford and the community, and ensure that funding is never an obstacle to doing something we're excited about.

Social Chair

Suraj Pradhan - Neuroscience (2nd year)

Perhaps the most important position, eh? As many of you may know (or will know after this sat ;), I'm really into organizing social events. I have done so extensively for the neuro program over the past year, and am looking to expand my horizons next year. I plan to increase attendance and funding for the BioMASS happy hours by using my advertising and networking skills. I also want to foster more inter-departmental interactions by coordinating with students from different departments. It's gonna be awesome!

Orientation Chair

Alejandra Guzman - Microbiology and Immunology (1st year)

I am interested in the being the BioMASS orientation chair next year mostly because I really enjoyed the orientation we had this year and would love to be a part of it in the years to come. The orientation is very helpful for the first years in general, and speaking from my own experience, it helped me think about things that would never have crossed my mind (e.g. estimated taxes). I feel that the orientation is good as is, but also further incorporation of the Alumni as well as keeping the first years involved and engaged is key, and I would like to make sure it happens in a smooth fashion.


Kat Ng - Microbiology and Immunology (2nd year)

I'm interested in the webmaster position because I think we can make the most connections with Biosciences students through the website, Facebook and in general other forms of online communication, and we should really take advantage of the ease of use of these channels. I've had some experience with websites and altogether too much experience with Facebook, and If anyone has any ideas on projects they'd like to implement through the BioMASS website, I'd be excited to help set these up.

Alumni Association Liaison

Kirsten Frieda - Biophysics (4th Year)

I would like to serve as your Alumni Association Liaison in order to increase graduate student knowledge about and access to the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association and the wisdom of former students are valuable resources for us even before we graduate! I hope to work with the Mentoring Chair to establish a mentorship program pairing alumni and interested students. And, I think we can improve class cohesion (and have fun) by furthering plans for current student “reunions”, as well as a more formal 1st year orientation modeled after the introductory med student ceremony.

Andrew Hsu - Neuroscience (3rd Year)

In my time here at Stanford I've met many alumni from Stanford's graduate schools at conferences and other events and had the pleasure to talk with them about their career trajectories and experiences after getting their degrees. I'd like to be the Alumni Association Liaison because I feel that current graduate students can learn a lot from those who have already tread the same paths. It's eye-opening and inspiring to hear about the wide range of careers that Stanford graduates have chosen, and my goal would be to facilitate contact and events with Stanford alumni as much as possible. In particular, I think that it would be great to set up a program where Stanford alumni can get in contact with senior grad students and provide advice and guidance through the transition period to the next stage.

Career Center Liaison

Qicong Hu - Biology (4th Year)

For years, I have always been passionate to open new career opportunities for biomedical scientists who want to make immediate, foreseeable and lasting impacts in the future. To help biomedical graduate students find and pursue the right career pathway, I would like to connect with Stanford Alumni and Career Development Centers and host monthly career development seminars and workshops to introduce all career possibilities besides academia to graduate students and help them make connections.

Besides my passion and vision, I strongly believe I have the ability and experience to do so. I have served as President of Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS) for a year.

Suraj Pradhan - Neuroscience (2nd Year)

Career guidance is something that most grad programs completely ignore. Fortunately for you guys, Stanford has an amazing team of people working at the School of Medicine Career Center as well as the Stanford Career Development Center. I have been actively involved with both over the past two years. I know many of the staff personally and have taken various classes and workshops organized by them. I really want to help the grad students connect with this amazing resource by promoting more workshops tailored towards bio students, inviting speakers from various professions to give advice to aspiring students, and setting up a one-on-one counseling program with the SOMCC. My goal is to help the bio grad students feel more prepared and confident about their career path after graduate school.

Lane Library Liaison

Molly Lowndes - Cancer Biology (2nd Year)

I'm interested in being the Lane Library Liaison next year because I think the library offers wonderful programs that are not being utilized by students. My goal is to get grad students thinking of Lane as a resource and not just a quiet place to study or get away from lab. Also the 4th floor of LKSC, which promises to be a great space for group meetings and social activities, will be run by Lane. Therefore I will make sure BioMASS is always up to date on rules, regulations and events.

Inter-school Liaison

Murtaza Mogri - Bioengineering (4th Year)

As a bioengineer who has taken courses in medicine, engineering, business, and law, I have interacted with a diverse group of students and have formed connections across the university. I started up the CHIPS group last year to bring students from the different schools together around healthcare. I also have had a leadership position for the past year and the upcoming year at the GSB's Health Care Club (in the Marketing Committee). I plan to continue bringing the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, Business, and Law closer to each other.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Liaison

Jaimie Adelson - Neuroscience (2nd year)

I think it is important for BioMASS graduate students interested in teaching to have a CTL liaison. I believe I am qualified for this position because I have served as a TA during both undergraduate and graduate school. In this position, I would inform BioMASS of upcoming CTL events and serve as a contact person for individuals interested in teaching opportunities or currently serving as TAs. In particular, I would like to make it easier for BioMASS students to find teaching opportunities even if TAing is not a required component of their graduate program.

Mentoring Chair

Moria Chambers - Microbiology and Immunology (4th Year)

I'm interested in being the BioMASS Mentoring Chair next year because I believe that there is untapped potential mentoring in the Biosciences Program and that I have the experience and excitement to develop it. As president of BioMASS, I expanded our current 1st year mentoring program to include quarterly lunches where 1st year students get to meet with an older grad student mentor. Next year I would like to incorporate quarterly dinners (bringing all mentors and mentees together) into the 1st year program. I would also like to start a mentoring program for older graduate students, working with the Alumni Association, faculty and/or the Postdoc Association.

1st Year Camping Trip Coordinators

Sara Bird and Kristen Earle - Microbiology and Immunology (1st Year)

We're really excited to be coordinating the camping trip this year. It's a great opportunity to welcome the first years and treat them to a relaxing outdoor experience before classes start. We're looking forward to working with everyone else in BioMASS to make this year's trip awesome!

Current Student Camping Trip Coordinator

Thomas Roos - Biochemistry (2nd Year)

I would like to be the Current Student Camping Trip Coordinator in order to put on an event where 3rd-5th year students can reconnect and enjoy an experience similar to the 1st year camping trip. If elected I will put experience at planning the 1st year trip last year to good use for a fun and social trip this summer.

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