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LKSC 4th Floor FAQ


Q. Who has access to the building?

A. Access is available to all Ph.D. students in the 13 Biosciences programs (including Biology and Biophysics) and in Bioengineering, regardless of whether their dissertation work is being conducted in a School of Medicine laboratory or elsewhere on campus. Access is also available to M.D. students and M.S. students in School of Medicine programs. Because the spaces are limited in size, their use is restricted to such students, and faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and staff do not have access. Similarly, students in other programs such as Chemistry, Physics, other Engineering departments, etc., are NOT eligible to use the spaces unless they are working in a School of Medicine laboratory or there is a special inter-program event to which they have been invited as individuals.

Q. My key card isn't working - what should I do?

A. First, contact your departmental administrator and make sure they have submitted your names for access.  Students have to be refferred to Suzanne and Luke through your administrator.  If your administrator believes they have submitted the information, please have them contact Suzanne ( to inquire about the lack of access.

Q. I got locked out what should I do?

A. Call the SUMC Security at 650-723-7222 to let you in.

Q. How do we make sure that students protect this space and respect the facilities?

A. There is a clear disciplinary policy as outlined in the code of conduct. There are security cameras throughout the building though they are not actively monitored. The code of conduct also contains instructions on reporting violations.

Q. Is there an emergency phone in the building?

A. There will be one installed on the Lane Library desk on the 4th Floor.

The Lounge/Patio

Q. Could we get kitchen and cleaning supplies?

A. Yes! Luke Thivierge (LKSC manager) will provide a coffee maker but it is up to SMSA and BioMASS to equip toaster, cutting board, utensils, plates, dishrack etc. (We are on it, don't worry!) Students are expected to use the sink for dishes. The dishwasher is run at major SMSA/BioMASS events only.

Q. How are the fridges cleaned and maintained?

A. You must label your food item with your name and date. The fridges will be cleaned out once a week.

Q. Can I bring a large amount of food leftover from an event?

A. Yes, but you are responsible for removing it by the end of the day. No food is allowed overnight and our custodian staff is not responsible for cleaning such mess either.

Q. What happens if the lounge becomes an uncontrollable mess?

A. SMSA and BioMASS will request a temporary shut down of all student access of the lounge. Let's hope it doesn't happen- please keep our home clean!

Q. Will there be cable in the lounge?

A. Yes, it is in the process of being installed and should be up and running by mid-June.

Q. Is the lounge reservable?

A. No, the lounge is not reservable for meetings.  It is intended to be a casual hang out space, if you need a room the classrooms on the 2nd floor should be reservable by next fall.

Q. Is there temporary storage for student group supplies?

A. There will cubbies soon against the wall by the gym. Students must label their names and student groups to use this storage space. Please note: these are not lockable storage spaces

Q. What about the TV cabinets?

A. One is designated for SMSA and one for BioMASS. We will put up signs when the cabinets are ready for use.

Q. How do we use the printer/copier?

A. You can print from any of the computers to the printer/copier by the study rooms. There is no limit to how much each student can print. If there is any issue please call Lane Library.

The Gym and Locker Rooms

Q. When can we start using it?

A. Please stay tuned! LKSC building manager and the athletics department are working hard to open it as soon as possible, the latest by August.

Q. What is the policy for locker use?

A. The lockers are for temporary use only. They will be unlocked and their contents removed daily.

Q. Can I make recommendations about the gym facility?

A. Yes. Please email Moria ( We have requested up to 50lb weights and pull-up bars.

Study Spaces

Q. How do I reserve the study rooms?

A. You can sign up 24 hours in advance for no more than 6 hours at a time. Please do print your name on the sign in sheet even if you are just dropping in because the administration keeps track of study room usage.

Q. Do I need to sign the sheet on the door of the Group Study Rooms even if I didn't reserve it in advance?

A. Please do sign the sheet with your name and times even if you just dropped in.  The Lane Library is tryiing to keep track of usage and this will really help them determine how the study rooms are being used.

Q. The lighting in the Study Rooms is a bit dim.

A. You can adjust the lights to get two levels of brightness.

Q. Can we get extension cords for the open study spaces along the hallway?

A. Yes. LKSC manager is working to bring power available behind the seats to plugs below the seats. In the short term, Lane Library is going to be bringing extension cords.

Q. How private are these study rooms?

A. Not at all. People can see and hear what you do in these rooms so please bring your private business elsewhere.

Q. What do I do if all the Group Study Rooms are taken by individuals?

A. Groups have priority over individuals in the group study rooms.  Therefore, you can ask the individual to relocate so that you and your group may use the room.   This is preferable to having groups studying in the hallways where the sound will carry and they might disturb individuals trying to study in those spaces.

Q. What if someone reserved the space, but hasn't shown up?

A. If a space is reserved by a group and is then left vacant for more than one hour, the reservation is forfeited and the room is free for another group’s use. Books and materials left in group spaces for longer than one hour can be set aside by incoming group. Books and materials left in spaces for longer than 24 hours will be turned in to Lane Library’s Lost and Found.

Retreat/"No Technology" Room

Q. What do you mean by no technology?

A. No laptops or cell phone (except when it is set in airplane mode).


Q. What about the cafeteria?

A. It will open in August. If you have recommendations about the menu please email Moria (

Q. Are there going to be more computers in the building?

A. Yes, there will 2 additional computer stations on each floor.

If you have additional questions about the LKSC that aren't answered here, please email Moria ( and we will do our best to answer them.

Other Topics

Do you have questions, comments, or ideas about grad school in the biosciences at Stanford? Please send an email to, and if your question/comment/idea is relevant to everyone, we'll post it on this page.

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