Bio-X helps make Stanford the most exciting place in the world for bioscience research, combining faculty from a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines and giving them the tools they need to succeed. The greatest challenges to human health lie at the intersection of traditionally separate fields. Stanford’s Bio-X brings together scientists, engineers, and doctors from all over campus—and provides the resources they need to pursue innovative, groundbreaking research. The X in Bio-X represents its unique ability to foster a collaborative research environment at the intersection of disciplines.

Alumni, parents, and friends of Stanford can further the vision of Bio-X by making lasting contributions that will significantly foster interdisciplinary research, innovative discoveries, and contributions to human health. Stanford is seeking partners to help Bio-X flourish further through gift support for extraordinary faculty and students and transformative ‘seed grant’ programs.

Seed funding provides precious resources for cross-disciplinary faculty teams from across all schools to pursue high-risk, high-reward research across the university and within the James H. Clark Center, a world renown interdisciplinary research facility. Bio-X fellowships help graduate students break away from the usual single-field training. Endowed professorships and directorships help us recruit game-changing faculty leaders who are in high demand around the country and the world.

Seed Grants for Innovation, Discovery, Collaboration, and Translational Research
Donors can help to fund revolutionary breakthroughs through the Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program (IIP), which provides seed grants to help jump-start innovative interdisciplinary research.

Graduate Fellowships
The university's mission of excellence in teaching, learning, and research is fully embodied in its graduate students. Bio-X Fellowships give Stanford graduate students the freedom to pursue new fields of interdisciplinary research. Donors may establish fellowships in their own names or in the names of others whom they wish to honor.

Professorships and Directorships
Endowed professorships and directorships are the highest honor the university can bestow upon current faculty who have made extraordinary contributions to research and teaching. They also enable us to recruit scholars and game-changing faculty leaders who are in high demand around the country and the world. Donors may establish professorships in their own names or in the names of others whom they wish to honor, and the chairs and directorships will exist in perpetuity.

For more information please contact:
Maura McGinnity
Development Director, Bio-X
Stanford University Office of Development
(650) 725-9198

Gifts to Bio-X are tax-deductible under applicable rules. Bio-X shares Stanford University's tax-exempt status as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity.

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