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High School-Level Presentation Outline

R.I.S.E. Workshop
Wednesday, September 10, 1997
Menlo-Atherton High School

I.  Introduction (15 minutes)
    A.   Personal Info.
    B.   Academic
    C.   Current Job
    D.   Workshop Goals: Use History to...
         1.   Explore and Define "Community" 
         2.   Explore Each Individual's Link to Community
         3.   Brainstorm Approaches to Community-Building
    E.   Name Game (Name, Animal Matching First Letter of First Name) 
         (Index Card on the Desk in front of them, also)

II. "Community"
    A.   Class Participation (Popular Culture/BPP Knowledge)
    B.   "Framing the Panthers in Black and White"
    C.   "Freedom" Video -- word review--Board Notes
    D.   What are the characteristics of a "community"? Boundaries?
    E.   Intra-community dynamics
         1.   Gender
         2.   "Freedom" Dirty Half-Dozen remix

III. Community-Building
    A.   Defining the Concern
    B.   Developing a Strategy
    C.   Building Coalitions
    D.   Action

IV. Wrap-up
    A.   Thank You
    B.   Invitation to volunteer at the BPPRP
    C.   Spring Paid Research Internship (9 weeks; Senior Projects)