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Early Elementary Presentation

Black Panther Party Research Project
Oakland Freedom School
Level I
July 20, 1999

I.    Introductions [everyone] 2 minutes
II.   The Five W's [Angela] - 5 minutes
      A.   Who?  A group of young people, ages 16-19
      B.   What?  The Black Panther Party
      C.   When?  1966-1982
      D.   Where?  Oakland, California until 1968, 
           then around the country and the world
      E.   Why?  To address the real needs of the Black 
           community and other poor communities
III.  Break into groups of 6 kids and 2 leaders [everyone] --5 minutes
IV.   Plan A/ or Plan B ( create a coloring book) [everyone]--30 minutes


V.    Gather kids together and present the coloring book-
VI.   Questions and what do you rember? [everyone] (open forum)
VII.  What would you change and connection to 10 point 
      program and platform [everyone]

      (open forum)

      A.   All Power to the People, so let's unite
           All Power to the People, let's do what's right