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Middle Elementary Presentation Part One

Black Panther Party Research Project
Oakland Freedom School
Levels II and III
July 13, 1999

I.    Personal Introductions  2 minutes

II.   "Power!" The Eyes on the Prize Video [ANGELA]-- 18 minutes

III.  The Five W's [ANGELA]-- 5 minutes
      A.   Who? A group of young people, ages 16-29
      B.   What? The Black Panther Party
      C.   When? 1966 - 1982
      D.   Where? Oakland, California until 1968, 
           then around the country and the world
      E.   Why? To address the real needs of the Black 
           community and other poor communities

IV.   Define "Community" [SUSY]-- 5 minutes

V.    "Freedom" Video and Themes about "community" [TATI]-- 5 minutes

VI.   Connections
      A.   Ten Point Platform and Program [ANGELA and JILL] 5 minutes
      B.   The history of BPP Community Organizing [ANGELA]--  5 minutes

VII.  Photo Distribution and Discussion [JOSEPH] 10 minutes

VIII. I am We (Open Forum Discussion)