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Reflections on
the Black Panther Party Research Project


"I am learning more and more about the Black Panther Party every day, This job has really opened my eyes to the Civil Rights Movement; in school I did not learn much about the Black Panthers. I learned a little about Martin Luther King Jr., I heard about Malcolm X. This project has made me more interested in what was going on during that time and what people were going through: with fighting wars, boycotts, and sit-ins, so generations to come would not have to be put through the torment and pain they experienced."

Raquel Booker
Menlo-Atherton High School

"Heavily influenced by the BPP because of my upbringing, this research project is like Alex Haley's research into his family that brought him to Afrika"

Mwanza Major
MA Candidate
Ethnic Studies
San Francisco State University

"This summer's experience really helped me excel in my position. Teaching the students about the BPP's survival programs has really helped me get across to the students the importance of community building through community service.

LaNovia Meuse
Service Learning and Leadership Coordinator
Hands on Atlanta AmeriCorps

Up until this point, most of my work has been based upon secondary sources--stuff other people have written. I have experience interviewing/doing oral history, but my time in the archives has been limited to the class I took at Duke on the integration of the ACC. That project required less interpretation and analysis than what is expected of me now. In any case, I'm finding that archival work can be enjoyable; not as boring and tedious as I'd made it out to be in my mind.

Rob Widell
Ph.D. Candidate
Emory University


"Thank you for coming. I always welcome any chance to learn about my history, especially the Black Panther Party."

Shari Gurley
Menlo-Atherton High School

"I enjoyed the [Black Panther Party] newspapers a lot. I learned that there was a White Panther Party and a Gray Panther Party!"

Coco Gonzalez
4th Grade
Hamlin School

"Thank you for being an integral part of the BAYAC Mentor Corps and New Perspectives Mentor Program. This program would not have been successful without quality mentors such as yourselves."

Tracy Krueger
Mentor Program Director
BAYAC Mentor Corps

"As a result of learning about the BPP's extensive community involvement, I now have a greater appreciation of my commitment to my community."

Susy Ortega
Loyola University of Chicago