Zion Stands Firm

By: Wes Annan

There haven’t been perfect days since we left the garden,

The day we trusted in man over God,

And chose to bear a larger burden.

But I believe in the perfect moments,

Those devine seconds when the gates swing open,

When what’s alive never dies,

And the crooked becomes less broken.

Those are the moments He reminds us He’s still there,

That though we forsake Him He will always care.

Through flood & fire

Storm & situation dire

From valley to peak

From beginning to end of every week

He never leaves us

It is in those fractions of time where the surreal combats real

Where we seem to be battling titan & trojan alike aiming for our heel

It is in between the drops of sand that fall in the glass

That we are brought to our knees to espy mass

It is the Light show in the North.

The redeemer in the South.

Zion standing firm in the East.

Chomolungma towering tall in the West.

Everywhere the needle has made a revolution about its rose,

That is where deity shows.

We can’t build our own garden,

We’ve planted too many seeds bearing bad fruit.

There’s no replacing Allah,

the only One making rich what we’ve made destitute.

But He is still there.

In the midst of the fray

The dog fights above sea.

When the clouds open to the kingdom,

When we open our eyes to actually see.

So don’t worry.

We may build up walls and tear down bridges because we fear each other, pain, and horror

But there are always days when those feint trumpets sound…

On those days look at your feet for brick and mortar.


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