About Us

The Underground is a digital space for the advancement of the black identity at Stanford University. This is a site where students can submit their written articles, artwork and expressions of self on a collective site. No matter what avenue of the black experience you choose to express, this is a common site to do it unapologetically. We will be continually promoting black photographers, musicians, and other content creators for the world to view.  Let’s challenge our peers, our University, and our Nation to see the students who are reflected here, and how through our struggle we continue to thrive in excellence. Check back every Sunday for new student highlights and art collections.


Our power is golden, and this is where you see us shine.

Exec Team for the 2016-2017 School Year

Story Contributors:

Marketing/Outreach Team: Stephanie Guzman

Outreach Team: Zora Williams, Joshua Seawell

Website Development: Aaron Barron, Kendal Burkins, Tefan Yusuf, Indya McGuffin

If you would like to submit content for the site, please contact Aaron Barron: acbarron@stanford.edu

For general inquiries about Black Student Union, please contact Co-Presidents Rochelle Ballantyne (rballant@stanford.edu) and Helen Gambrah (hgambrah@stanford.edu ).