Black Joy & Baddies, By Onisha Etkins

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The Photos are called “Black Joy” & the drawings are Baddies. I first started with Baddies and a lot of my inspiration came from Afropunk, fashion, & Badass Black women. I liked choosing vibrant pastel colors that brought the magic in Black Girl Magic to my drawings. I treat the lines around the women sort of like an aura and you’ll notice the color schemes in the aura match the mood of the figures.

The ideas behind the drawings are what eventually inspired the photos. I love how raw Black & White film is, but I used that medium as an opportunity to reimagine color. Most of these photos were of my homies having a good time and I wanted the vibrant colors to represent that joy that was in the air at that time.

Musila Munuve, “Kenya”

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Taken by Musila (’17) His Latest Project, “Kenya”, seeks to explore and find beauty in his home country.

If you want to see more of Musila’s art, check out his website.