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Cell tracking

Along with collaborators in Sweden, we have developed a cell tracking software package called the Baxter Algorithms. Currently at the forefront of the live cell microscopy field, the Baxter Algorithms are the result of more than five years of optimization using time course image sequences of diverse cell types, including various types of stem cells (muscle, neural, and hematopoietic), yeast and cancer cells.

The Algorithms won the International Symposium on Bioimaging Cell Tracking Challenge in 2013 and 2014. We have been successful in tracking lineage trees from challenging imaging scenarios, such dense cultures, bright field microscopy, and difficult to detect events like mitosis and apoptosis. We are currently extending the algorithms to track cells in complex systems such as multicellular myofibers.

We are currently one of the 16 finalists in the NIH's Follow That Cell Challenge.

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A time lapse movie of a muscle stem cell dividing and giving rise to progeny.