Daniel Koslover

B.S. 2006 California Institute of Technology

M.Phil 2007 University of Cambridge


I joined the Block Lab in 2008 and am studying the mechanics of RNA Polymerase at the single-molecule level through optical trapping. I am currently working with Matt Larson to examine intrinsic termination of E. coli RNAP in order to learn more about how specific terminator sequences influence gene regulation.

Before joining the lab, I did my undergraduate work at Caltech where I first became interested in biophysics. There, I worked with Prof. Bill Goddard and Dr. Nagarajan Vaidehi on computational modeling of G-Protein Coupled Receptors. After graduating with a B.S. in Biology in 2006, I traveled to the United Kingdom on a Gates Cambridge Fellowship to study RNase E through protein crystallography with Dr. Ben Luisi. Upon receiving my M.Phil in Biochemistry, I returned to California in 2007 where I entered the Stanford Biophysics Ph.D. program.

Outside of lab, I like to travel, read history, play various board games, and just generally hang out with friends. I am married to Lena Koslover, who is also in the Stanford Biophysics program and is a graduate student with Prof. Andy Spakowitz.