Kristina Herbert

B.A. 2000 U. Penn


I was born in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, and received my B.A. in 2000 from the University of Pennsylvania in Biochemistry and Biophysics. I worked in Dr. Ponzy Lu's laboratory all four years as an undergraduate. My first three years were spent studying the binding properties of the Lac repressor with Dr. Teddy Zartler, Samia Siddiqui, and Tom Pologruto. I spent my senior year working with Dr. Doug MacDonald on determining the structure of A-tract DNA by NMR using residual dipolar couplings. After graduation, I received a Fulbright Fellowship to spend a year at EMBL-Heidelberg, in the laboratory of Dr. Heinrich Hoerber. With the help of Dr. Stephen Altman and Dr. Jari Ylanne, I attempted to take force versus extension measurements using an AFM on single spectrin molecules in order to determine forced folding intermediates.

I started the Ph.D. program in Biophysics here at Stanford in 2001. My work on pausing by RNA polymerase was published last year in Cell.