Recent Papers

Schweikhard, V., Meng, C., Murakami, K., Kaplan, C., Kornberg, R.D., Block, S.M. Transcription factors TFIIF and TFIIS promote transcript elongation by RNA polymerase II by synergistic and independent mechanisms. PNAS early edition (2014) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Zhou, J., Schweikhard, V., Block, S.M. Single-molecule studies of RNAPII elongation. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1829: 29-38 (2013) (Full Text PDF.)
Koslover, D.J., Fazal, F.M., Mooney, R.A., Landick, R., Block, S.M. Binding and Translocation of Termination Factor Rho Studied at the Single-Molecule Level.Journal of Molecular Biology 423: 664-676 (2012) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Frieda, K.L., Block, S.M. Direct Observation of Cotranscriptional Folding in an Adenine Riboswitch. Science 338: 397-400 (2012) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Larson, M.H., Zhou, J., Kaplan, C.D., Palangat, M., Kornberg, R.D., Landick, R., Block, S.M. Trigger loop dynamics mediate the balance between the transcriptional fidelity and speed of RNA polymerase II. PNAS 109:6555-6560 (2012) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Palangat, M., Larson, M.H., Hu, X., Gnatt, A., Block, S.M., Landick, R. Efficient reconstitution of transcriptionelongation complexes for single-molecule studies of eukaryotic RNA polymerase II. Transcription 3:3 (2012) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Anthony, P.C., Sim, A.Y.L., Chu, V.B., Doniach, S., Block, S.M., Herschlag, D. Electrostatics of nucleic acid folding under conformational constraint. JACS 134: 4607-4614 (2012) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Anthony, P.C., Perez, C.F., García-García, C., Block, S.M. Folding energy landscape of the thiamine pyrophosphate riboswitch aptamer. PNAS 109: 1485-1489 (2012) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Zhou, J., Ha, K.S., La Porta, A., Landick, R., Block, S.M. Applied force provides insight into transcriptional pausing and its modulation by transcription factor NusA. Molecular Cell 44: 635-646 (2011) (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Fazal, F.M., Block, S.M. Optical tweezers study life under tension. Nature Photonics 5: 318-321 (2011). (Full Text PDF)
Clancy, B.E., Behnke-Parks, W.M., Andreasson, J.O., Rosenfeld, S.S., Block, S.M. A universal pathway for kinesin stepping. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 18: 1020-1027 (2011). (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Larson, M.H., Landick, R., Block, S.M. Single-molecule studies of RNA polymerase: one singular sensation, every little step it takes. Molecular Cell 41: 249-262 (2011). (Full Text PDF)
Gutiérrez-Medina, B., Block, S.M. Visualizing individual microtubules by bright field microscopy, American Journal of Physics 78. 1152-1159 (2010). (Full Text PDF)
Gutiérrez-Medina, B., Andreasson, J.O., Greenleaf, W.J., La Porta, A., Block, S.M. An optical apparatus for rotation and trapping. Methods in Enzymology 475: 377-404 (2010). (Full Text PDF)
Herbert, K.M., Zhou, J., Mooney, R.A., La Porta, A., Landick, R., Block, S.M. E. coli NusG inhibits backtracking and accelerates pause-free transcription by promoting forward translocation of RNA polymerase. Journal of Molecular Biology 399: 17-30 (2010). (Full Text PDF)
Gutiérrez-Medina, B., Fehr, A.N., Block, S.M. Direct measurements of kinesin torsional properties reveal flexible domains and occasional stalk reversals during stepping. PNAS 106: 17007-17012 (2009). (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Valentine, M.T., Block, S.M. Force and premature binding of ADP can regulate the processivity of individual Eg5 dimers. Biophysical Journal 97: 1671-1677 (2009). (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Fehr, A.N., Gutiérrez-Medina, B., Asbury, C.L., Block, S.M. On the origin of kinesin limping. Biophysical Journal 97: 1663-1670 (2009). (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
Guydosh, N.R., Block, S.M. Direct observation of the binding state of the kinesin head to the microtubule. Nature 461: 125-128 (2009). (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)


Papers prior to 2009
  1. Woodside M.T., García-García, C., Block, S.M. Folding and unfolding single RNA molecules under tension. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 12: 640-646 (2008). (Full Text PDF)
  2. Herbert, K.M., Greenleaf, W.J., Block, S.M. Single-molecule studies of RNA polymerase: motoring along. Annual Review of Biochemistry 77: 149-176 (2008). (Full Text PDF)
  3. Larson, M. H., Greenleaf, W.J., Landick, R., Block, S.M. Applied force reveals mechanisticand energetic details of transcription termination. Cell 132: 971-982 (2008). (Full Text PDF) (Click here for Cell Commentary).
  4. Greenleaf, W.J., Frieda, K.L., Foster, D.A.N., Woodside, M.T., Block, S.M. Direct Observation of Hierarchical Folding in Single Riboswitch Aptamers. Science 319: 630-633 (2008). (Full Text PDF. Click here for Supplemental Materials.)
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  12. Woodside, M.T., Anthony, P.C., Behnke-Parks, W.M., Larizadeh, K., Herschlag, D., Block, S.M.
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